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You have 2 Options.
1. Free to participate SIGN UP HERE
2. OR Option 1 + pay $20 and sign up at games.crossfit.com, and choose CrossFit Hud as your Affiliate. (if you’d like to see how you rank against people outside our gym)


*Thursday, February 14th @ 11:59 pm is the cutoff date for submitting your t-shirt or tank request. Tank Top & T-shirt FORM HERE

As you’ve heard us already say, the CrossFit Open is a great opportunity to not only test ourselves and all the hard work we’ve done but also to get together as a community to have a great time. Last year the intramural style competition proved to be a lot of fun and a great way for everyone to get together and celebrate fitness.


The Intramural Open will have four teams. Each team will have a captain and members will be selected using a random drawing. Before the drawing, each member will be divided and placed into different groups based on ability to help ensure teams are as even as possible.


0.5 points will be awarded for every non-gym member spectator that shows up to the events on Friday night.

1 point will be awarded to every team member that completes an open workout.

1 point will be awarded to every team member that finishes Top 3 men/women RX & Top 2 men/women scaled.

points will be awarded to every team member that completes an open workout on Friday Night (4-8pm).

0.25 points will be awards to every individual’s score who completes the workout as Rx.

points are awarded to the team with the highest attendance during Friday Night’s WOD’s (4-8pm) each week (includes gym and non-gym members).

Those that can’t make Friday nights have opportunities during the day Friday to do the work out (it will be the WOD on Friday) and on Sunday 11:00-2:00 pm. Points for competition of the WOD are still awarded accordingly. Those who are up for it may do the Open WOD multiple times, highest score will be recorded.

There will be a 6th Surprise Event as an opportunity to earn more points.
Must have scores in Wodify before 8 pm on the following Monday.
You may do a workout RX one week and then a scaled workout the next or vice verse.
You must log attendance of a non-gym member and additional team attendance for Friday Night using the online form.
To guarantee a spot during Friday afternoon classes, you must sign up in advance on Wodify.

Important Dates | 6 Weeks

Be on the look out for heat sign ups in Wodify

Feb 24th        17.1 |  4pm – 8pm Event 1 WOD
March 3rd      17.2 |  4pm – 8pm Event 2 WOD
March 10th    17.3 |  4pm – 8pm Event 3 WOD
March 17th    17.4 |  4pm – 8pm Event 4 WOD
March 24th    17.5 |  4pm – 8pm Event 5 WOD
April 1st        17.6 |  Surprise Event 6 (Saturday)

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