5 Easy Tips to Maintaining a Paleo Diet During the Holiday Season

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Many people struggle to maintain a healthy diet during the holidays. Why undo all the hard work you put into losing those stubborn 10 lbs? Tis’ the season to be HEALTHY! There are several excuses NOT to eat healthy during the holidays, and here is how I avoid them.

1. Eat Before you Go- If you are going to a company holiday party that is catered, assume that it is not healthy food. Eat before, and then choose the healthy things there to eat i.e. raw veggies off a veggie tray. Less eating is more time you get to mingle with everyone at work without actually being at work. Unless you don’t like your co-workers, then I don’t know what to tell you! Ha!

2. Bake some Paleo Desserts- Many people struggle with desserts during the holiday season. It’s almost like they are calling to you with a devilish chant saying, “Just take a couple bites, everyone else is and they aren’t falling over dead.” Pre-bake your favorite Paleo dessert so you can remind yourself that you aren’t missing out because a treat is waiting at home. If it’s a house hosted party, bring the desert along with you! Impress your friends when they look at you and say, “Yum, this is Paleo?”

3. Be Real with Yourself- Understand that if you are eating and drinking in abundance regularly it WILL CAUSE WEIGHT GAIN, and not the good kind. Don’t try to conjure up all these excuses in your head about the hard workouts you did at CF Hud this week, and it’s “just this once” when it’s been every weekend in December. Remind yourself that you eat Paleo not only because you want to look good, but because of how it makes you FEEL.

4. Drink Lots of Water- Staying hydrated is one great way to avoid overeating. Many times the body will confuse thirst for hunger. You may not be sweating like you do in the summer, but you should be drinking at least 5, 8 oz. bottles of water a day. It will also help flush out some of the toxins if you are dealing with a cold or sinus issue.

5. Pick your Battles- There are several holiday parties during this time of year, and if you are constantly smacking your own hand away from everything that is not “Paleo” you might find yourself binge eating a few times and then feeling guilty. Understand that SUGAR is your biggest nemesis because sugar will most likely be stored as fat, and will cause any other abundance of carbs to be stored as fat as well. If you are caught in a situation where the only thing to eat is pasta, OK whatever, then choose NOT to have dessert afterwards. Allow yourself a few small indulgences (I say indulgences because I hate the word cheat), and it will keep you from shoving your face full of Grandma’s entire pie because you’ve been withholding all December.

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