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Dejorie’s MOTIV Story

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1 Month @ 99lbs vs. 6 Months @ 112lbs

I’ve always struggled to maintain a healthy weight, even when I’m active and eating decently. Strength training and CrossFit have shown me that my body can make big muscle gains by committing to a workout regimen with some small modifications to my diet.

180 Days Later

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Akbar has definitely put in the hard work over the last 6 months. Watching those carbs and doing burpees for days.


Rachel’s 8 Month Update

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30 pounds in 5 months using only habit based nutrition practices. No tracking, no weighing of food, simply making smart decisions around food over and over. Oh and let’s not forget, working hard in the gym!If you need help with food. Please reach out HERE

Kiley’s 4 Month Update

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Julie has been crushing it. Enough said.

We enable clients to live happier, healthier, fuller lives.

We offer nutrition coaching at CrossFit Hud’s lottanutrition program. This isn’t your run of the mill coaching, i.e. “here’s your meal plan, this worked for me so it should work for you” crap.

No, no. The coaches at lotta understand excellent principles of client-centered coaching and this includes collaboration, empathy, and respect. We offer two programs, a macros program and a progressive habit based program.

What’s superb about the habit program is that it not only allows us to educate you on nutrition but it gives you and allows you to put it into action under the watchful coach.

This program benefits users through excellent coaching and accountability while setting up the client for success through positive habit building.

The lottanutirtion Macro Program, “lottamacros” is a highly individualized coached program for those wishing to dial in their nutrition for performance and weight goals. What if you could achieve both? Using weekly determined calories and macro counts for each individual, this program provides accountability and guidance for those clients to help achieve success.

Learn more by clicking here


Below is a video on the curriculum we offer and bit on how we coach at Lotta Nutrition.

The world’s leading Nutrition Coaching education program, Precision Nutrition, has provided us the use of their curriculum This program is a 9-month commitment. The program is a 52-week habit forming approach that offers the user daily lessons and activities with bi-weekly habits.

This program takes into account the goals you want: build muscle, lose weight… etc, and provides all your nutrition needs surrounding powerful and attainable habits you create.

Angie’s been on the Lotta Nutrition program for a while now but it’s only recently that she’s buckled down and started to trust the process, which for her meant being consistent. Her progress is awesome and she’s nowhere near finished.

Sarah had 3 strict pull ups prior to doing Coach Erin’s 8-week pull-up program. Now she has 9. It also doesn’t hurt that’s she been on the Lotta Nutrition program!