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Tara’s MOTIV Story

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At my heaviest I weighed 268 lbs, and at that point in my life, my medical history was longer than the resume of a seasoned CEO approaching retirement. Multiple tumors and cysts, cancer, borderline pre-diabetic diagnosis, cholesterol levels were high, and severe allergies kept me indoors in summer months. I was depressed and felt awful every single day. I had to make a change.

I knew I was prone to growths in my body so I started looking at how to reduce tumors with diet. A common factor I read in tumor growth was glucose. Sugar – a main staple in my diet up until this point. Upon further research, I found the Whole 30 diet and started August 1st, 2015. At the end of the 31 daysI  had lost 15 pounds. Unfortunately, the holidays got the best of me and I slipped back into my old eating habits, gaining that 15 back.

April of 2016, I was halfway through my second round of Whole 30 for the year when I came across a low carb high-fat diet. I stuck with that for 3 months before transitioning to a ketogenic diet, which is a little more strict on quality of ingredients. I can say, without a doubt, this way of eating has changed my life drastically. My allergies disappeared and I was able to get outside more. I fell in love with hiking and being active. Then something happened. I wanted more.

Enter MOTIV.

After listening to a couple of work friends talk about CrossFit, EVERYDAY (like we do), I started working on my husband, Eric. CrossFit sounded fun and something inside me said this is what we needed in our life. I was relentless like wives are, and finally, after a month of listening to me talk about it, he finally agreed to try it. Our first class was bring-a- friend day January 2017. I remember Hanley telling us you don’t have to go full out just go through the movements to get a feel for it. Eric and I laugh about it now but we don’t have a “go easy” mode. We went full out and were so sore for the next two days. We were hooked.

I can see the pieces of my life coming together and our gym is a huge part of that. I have made several new friends, been on an AMAZING trip (shout out to the Patagonia group), and overall been in a much better place mentally and physically. I can see doors opening up for myself that I never considered, or thought I could walk through. My only hope is that I can inspire someone else to make a change in their own life, that leads to the happiness and fulfillment that I have had in the last year.

Thank you to the coaches and everyone at the gym. I am truly grateful to be apart of such an amazing community.

From a size 22 to a 10
Down 90 lbs and loving life.

Skyler’s MOTIV Story

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I’ve generally always been a yo-yo kind of weight loss person… and it only got worse after college. Up for a year, down for eight months or so, up heavier, then back down and so on and so on. When I moved to Indy, I was doing well at keeping weight off but, as it usually does, life got in the way with stress from work, relationships, etc. I let excuses lead me into bad habits. When I was mentally ready to get at it again in 2016, I went and fractured my ankle in October. OCTOBER!!! You know, just before Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all of the tasty holiday treats – and I’m Southern, so all the food is rich and plentiful during the holidays. By January 2017 I was up to nearly 280 lbs., and I felt miserable. But, I made a commitment to myself that I can be better and feel better, so I started healthier habits. I began making healthier eating selections and trying to do some fitness on my own. March came, which brought a business trip to New Orleans, and I didn’t do horribly with food!! But, let’s be real for a minute, it WAS NOLA, so we know food, drinks, and lack of sleep were all present! From running a conference, going out with friends, and the travel on top of it all, I was feeling oh so sluggish. I was laying on my bed thinking, “How do I not let that week throw me off on the 20 or so lbs that I had lost since February?” And what do you know, there was a Facebook ad for the “New You Challenge” at a gym that also offered CrossFit. I’ve trained with personal trainers most of my adult life, but by no means got the athletic ability of my parents and was terrified that I’d end up in a gym with a bunch of super competitive people that would make me feel as if I couldn’t do it. I was afraid I would hurt myself because they wouldn’t teach me what to do. To my surprise, I found the exact opposite. I found a gym that taught me nutritional and fitness skills that worked for me. They helped keep me going every moment, even when I wanted to say, “Screw this!” or, “You can take that next rep and shove it!” I started in the “New You Challenge” at 250 lbs., and by the end of it was at 220 lbs.

When I moved to Indy three years ago, I was 218 lbs. I’m standing proudly today at 207 lbs., and honestly, I’m a little teary-eyed as I think about it. I know some days seem as if they don’t work and there are days we look at ourselves and don’t notice the differences. I hated taking the before pictures because I was incredibly unhappy with being the heaviest that I’ve ever been. But seeing that picture reminds me of how far I’ve come.

I was at another gym the other day and ran into an old neighbor who almost walked by me because he barely recognized me. Those are the moments that bring it all together and show me how much progress I’ve really made. One my best friends, who I only see on FaceTime as she currently lives in Bahrain, said, “I love you and your fitness family.” Then it hit me; this isn’t just a gym, it really is a family that offers encouragement and pushes us when we need it most. I’m thankful for the collective care that happens from the environment that Hanley has built with an excellent team of Erin, Cory, Justin, Audrey, and Andy as our healthy living experts. Thank you for being the place I call my fitness home!

On any given day, just over 1 in 5 American adults are actively trying to lose weight. An additional 50% have tried dieting for some length of time, but have retreated to old routines while getting the courage to try again. Fads come and go. Confusion and frustration are tops. And failure is common. Long-term weight loss requires a hard look at your habits around food. For most people, this is no easy feat. You must change your lifestyle. Not sure how? Just ask for help.

This is the face of habit change. So good.

Dejorie’s MOTIV Story

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1 Month @ 99lbs vs. 6 Months @ 112lbs

I’ve always struggled to maintain a healthy weight, even when I’m active and eating decently. Strength training and CrossFit have shown me that my body can make big muscle gains by committing to a workout regimen with some small modifications to my diet.

180 Days Later

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Akbar has definitely put in the hard work over the last 6 months. Watching those carbs and doing burpees for days.


Rachel’s 8 Month Update

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30 pounds in 5 months using only habit based nutrition practices. No tracking, no weighing of food, simply making smart decisions around food over and over. Oh and let’s not forget, working hard in the gym!If you need help with food. Please reach out HERE

Kiley’s 4 Month Update

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