Angie’s been on the Lotta Nutrition program for a while now but it’s only recently that she’s buckled down and started to trust the process, which for her meant being consistent. Her progress is awesome and she’s nowhere near finished.

Sarah had 3 strict pull ups prior to doing Coach Erin’s 8-week pull-up program. Now she has 9. It also doesn’t hurt that’s she been on the Lotta Nutrition program!

Chest 41.5
Upper arm 13.25
Waist 39.5
Hips 45
Thigh 26.5
Weight 189.6
Chest 38.5
Upper arm 12.5
Waist 35.25
Hips 42.5
Thigh 25.5
Weight 176.8
-3″ chest
-.75″ upper arm
-4.25″ waist
-2.5″ hips
-1″ thigh
-12.8 lbs.


I have dominated Whole30 challenges and trimmed down for weddings and swimsuit season like a champ but moderation has always been a weakness. I was a meal prepper and (mostly) ate clean healthy food, but my “cheat” days were quite intense. I had no grip on serving size and no self-control when it came to trigger foods.

Enter Lotta Nutrition. I have learned the macros system, how to appropriately measure and plan my meals, the magic of consistency, the power of accountability through coaching, and the discipline of quick recovery when I allow myself to enjoy holidays and gatherings with family and friends. With the addition of the precision nutrition programming, I have gained an element of mental and emotional (for the most part, let’s be honest here) control over my diet.

This programming has followed me through moves around the country and changes in training from being sidelined due to injury to almost exclusively cardio intense rowing and back to CrossFit, I have lost weight, changed my body composition, and I am eating more that I ever have…..not of anything I want, but of high quality, nutrient dense foods. I feel fueled by my food and freed from it.

I have two recent nutrition wins:

1. In my kitchen, I currently have three servings gone from a week old open bag of Siete Foods Lime Tortilla Chips. I also have a dark chocolate bar with two servings missing. These are foods that I once “couldn’t be trusted alone with”. I know they will still be there tomorrow and I can fit them into my macros another day.

2. Last week I attended a wedding. I didn’t have to change my diet nor workout routine in the weeks before in order to slim down to feel good in a dress. I was quite compliant in the weeks leading up to it, but I didn’t have to crash to make that happen.

These wins can’t be measured on a scale or with a tape measure, but they make my efforts worth it.


Giving up Starbucks and 5 weeks is all it took to get things rolling for Rachel. Can’t wait to see what the next 6 months brings!

If you’re consistent, things can happen very quickly. Change is 90% mental. Maria showed up for 6 weeks (18 total classes) and gave 100% effort and it shows.

Neck: 13.25″
Waist: 35″
Hips: 40.5″
Upper arm: 11.5″
Thigh: 22″
Calf: 14.25″

6 Weeks Later
Neck: 12.75″
Waist: 33.75″
Hips: 38″
Upper arm: 11.5″
Thigh: 22.5″
Calf: 13.75″

Numbers don’t lie. Both Amy and Lyndsey have been putting in lots of hard work, day in and day out over the past year and it shows. Below is their 1 year BOD POD results. Both lost body fat and gained muscle.

Lyndsey attended 260 CrossFit classes last year and started doing the Lotta Nutrition program in June 2016. Amy attended 175 CrossFit classes last year nad started doing the Lotta Nutrition program in January 2016.

Athlete Spotlight – Kim

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Congratulations to Kim for being December’s Athlete of the month. If any of you have ever worked out with Kim you know just how hard she works, and how stinkin’ competitive she is. She is starting to RX WOD’s and ever since joining CrossFit Hud’s Endurance class Kim has been making big improvements on all her runs. Just recently she broke the 7 minute mark on her mile time. Keep up the good work Kim!


How long have you been CrossFitting at CrossFit Hud?
I’ve been CrossFitting and at Hud for ten months

What class times do you normally attend?
I usually attend the 5 or 6pm class

Why do you choose to CrossFit for exercise, and more specifically why CrossFit Hud?
Last January I was really struggling in life. There was nothing that I was passionate about. I’d been a runner for several years, but a calf injury and the polar vortex had that on hold. I’d gained weight and was miserable. I shared this with a friend who worked out at Hud and she convinced me to sign up for elements. I immediately knew that I’d found what I needed. I love the intensity and variety of workouts, the coaches, and the Hud community. I’ve done drop-ins at a few affiliates while on vacations and no place compares to Hud.

What kind of music gets you pumped during your workouts?
Once a workout starts I really don’t notice music. I like anything but Metal Mondays 🙂

Who is your favorite competitive CrossFitter and why?
My favorite competitive CrossFitter is Tommy Hackenbruck. He’s tough, gritty, and my kind of fine.

What’s your most recent feat you have accomplished (can be gym related or non-gym related)?
Most recent feats that I’m proud of: Rx’ing my first WOD, getting over my fear of box jumps, and breaking 7 min in my mile run

What’s your favorite benchmark workout?
I actually like Karen, but more than the girls I love any hero workout. They really align perspective and makes it easier to embrace the suck.

Least favorite movement
Freakin the jackalope and overhead squats

How does CrossFit affect your attitude, thoughts, and goals outside the gym?
CrossFit has really made me stronger physically, emotionally, and spiritually. There’s something about pushing yourself beyond your known abilities and out of your comfort zone that always results in growth.

What is your favorite Non-Paleo indulgence?
My favorite non-paleo indulgence is a good doughnut or cinnamon roll!