Why “cheat” meals don’t exist #lottamacros

andy noel —  November 1, 2016 — Leave a comment

Don’t kid yourself. You’re on a new nutrition program and…

you’ve found yourself running into your first road block. I spent all week counting and being perfect, now it’s Saturday and I’m with my dear friend who wants to go out to eat. What do I do?

The great things is… life is your very personal “Choose Your Own Adventure” book! Do it! Just eat and have a good time. If you have a lot of progress to make be realistic – will binge eating one time hurt all your progress? The answer is no. If it stalls progress it won’t for long. Especially if you’re seeing lots of progress already.

There is no such thing as a cheat meal. Just only consistency and inconsistency.

Here’s why there’s no such thing as a cheat meal. Because cheating is being dishonest and unfair to gain an advantage. All there needs to be is consistency or inconsistency. If you’re hitting macros on point 5 days a week then you are consistent. If you’re hitting macros 3 days a week out of 7 then that’s inconsistent.

How Inconsistency Can be a Good for You.

Inconsistency reinforces the idea that we are merely humans…

  • Don’t destroy social relationships that are important to you by fearing the “cheat meal”
  • Don’t be that health nut who won’t partake because of your strict diet
  • Don’t always turn down work food, i.e. pitch-ins
  • Do take mental breaks from counting (not an excuse to binge)
  • Lastly, enjoy food. If you’re that person that is painfully eating just before bed to fit all your macros in, I have a news flash for you, it ain’t worth it. If this is a trend you’re finding yourself in then you’re more than likely you’re going to burn out.
  • If it comes to the end of the day and you’ve got lots of macros to hit still – throw in the towel and chalk it up to one of your inconsistent days. It won’t ruin everything. What it will do is keep you sane. That’s good for you. 

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