How to Eat Healthy Meals at Restaurants or On the Go

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How to Eat Healthy Meals at Restaurants

You find yourself travelling, on vacation, meeting clients for lunch, whatever that situation is where you just find yourself eating out, the question remains the same: What are you going to eat? Use this article for some inspiration on how to eat healthy meals at restaurants.

Hell yes, you CAN eat well while on the move!

Just keep these techniques in mind, our good friends at Pn suggest these three,

Pick the damn restaurant.

If you are out and about with folks and you have the option or opportunity to pick, DO IT!

Restaurants that rhyme with DacManolds and Glendy’s are for emergencies only.

Try finding restaurants use fresh ingredients.

If you find you don’t have many choices, just avoid the restaurants that have you ordering from someone standing behind a counter. Instead, look for the places that at least have a wait service.

Lastly, if you’re in a city you’re not familiar with use: This website is a gold mine.

Look for this trio.

Scan the menu and look for:

  • Lean protein
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • High-fiber, slow-digesting carbs

If it has words like, “crispy” or “cheesy” you can safely skip it.

Just remember, you’re the paying customer! Try adjusting the portions by asking if you can have extra vegetables.

Look for this:

Instead of this:


Know what’s in your food.

Do not trust ANYONE! Ok, that’s dramatic. But the point is, you can’t trust the menu item. Especially if the description is 40 characters. So, ask the server!

“How are the vegetables cooked? Oh, they’re deep fried? Could I get those steamed instead? Thanks!”

“Could I have the salad dressing on the side?

“Is that pork chop breaded or grilled?”

You may feel like you’re being naggy or time-wasiting, but questions like these can save you hundreds of hidden calories. Vegetables drenched in olive oil, OR worse vegetable oil, have hundreds of unwanted calories.

Just ask nicely so they don’t spit in your food and you’ll be fine.


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