Eric Cressey’s Shoulder Assessment, Corrective Exercise, and Programming Seminar

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Earlier this month Coach Hanley, Coach Zack, Lisa DPT, and I spent 8 hours talking shoulder health at Eric Cressey’s Shoulder Assessment, Corrective Exercise and Programming Seminar and we are excited to bring what we learned to Motiv Athletics.

Working off of the idea that the scapula interacts with 17 muscle attachments we should take shoulder health into consideration especially with all of the overhead pressing, pushing, and pulling we do on a day to day bases. There is no one size fits all quick fix and the truth is that shoulders vary on individual bases. Some of the individual factors that come into play are joint laxity, reactive changes (bone spurs), injury history, training history, scapular size, and muscle bulk. Over the next few minutes, I’ll go over some reasons for movements and their variations in the programming, or correctives you may see in the future from our coaching staff.

If you are having nagging shoulder issues take The Law of Repetitive Motion into consideration.


I= Insult/Injury to the tissues
N=Number of Repetitions
F=Force or tension of each repetition as a percent of maximum muscle strength
A=Amplitude of each repetition
R= Relaxation time between repetitions (Lack of pressure or tension on the tissue)

Say you are working a desk job and find yourself sitting with poor posture every day while at your computer you are adding a high number of reps with low amplitude and lower relaxation time to your day. No need to worry though resistance training can be extremely effective in correcting problems quickly.

All of that is without taking into consideration overuse, poor range of motion, scapular stability, poor technique, restrictions etc.

More Free Scapula pressing can work in your favor when at the gym i.e push up variations, landmine presses, or possibly alternating dumbbell press. We want sufficient scapular upward rotation on overhead pressing for long-term shoulder health benefits. Key exercises for getting this movement pattern down are Wall Slides at 135 Degrees, Serratus Wall Slides, 1 arm bottoms up Kettlebell Waiters Walks, Bear Crawls, Inchworms, and Hand Switches.

Be on the lookout for a shoulder assessment day where we will assess, correct and educate on what to do moving forward to get the most out of your workout and get those shoulders healthy!

Coach Cory

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