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We have developed some standards and while in some ways they seem small or not a big deal, they lay the foundation for the environment in which we train and is an important part of creating our gym culture. At this point, most of you already do these but it’s always good to review them.

The following list makes expectations clear, holds us each to the same standards, and keeps the gym an inclusive, effective, and fun place to train.

We live and breathe this list daily but sometimes we start to get caught up in other things and need a simple reminder—we all do! This is the structure for how we operate, what we think is important, and what we expect of the athletes in our community.

Thank you for committing to the Standards!


Be Early
Being late for anything is not cool. And warming up properly is extremely important. Give yourself time to park, change clothes, and sign in. We understand you guys have lives outside the gym and we all know traffic sucks around 5 pm. We won’t judge you if you show up late – except when you’re chronically late. Be respectful and jump on a flywheel bike for however long you’re late or wait for the next class.

Say Hi To New Faces
Group Fitness can be intimidating for new folks. Having friends always makes things easier.

Stay Off Floor When Not In Class
Happens every day. If you aren’t in class then stay off the rubber floor (getting water is the exception here). Do not walk through the class to get to the back parking lot.

Cheer Last Man Standing / Don’t Put Your Equipment Away Until Everyone’s Finished or The Class is Over
Always be ready to offer a kind or encouraging word to your fellow athletes. If you finish first, stick around to cheer for and support the rest of the group.

Be Coachable
No Whining! No one cares how much you can lift or that you can do fancy gymnastic movements, we only care how well you can lift/move and if you scaled the workout appropriately. The coaches are there to help you learn and improve. We want you to get better and be in the fitness game for the long term. If you want to NOT improve your fitness, visit your local physical therapist, or look like a tool, then don’t listen to the coaches and do what your favorite Instagram athlete is doing.

Respect Coaches & Athletes
Have you ever tried speaking in front of a group of people that were talking over you or not paying attention? It’s no fun and highly distracting. Don’t disrupt or delay the class. Once the instruction has started, don’t walk off, stop talking and listen, even if you know how to do the movement(s).

Children who can behave and hang out patiently in the lobby are welcome to come with Mom or Dad. They are not allowed at any point to come onto the rubber floor or training area. Children are great and for that reason, we have to prioritize the safety of the children and quality of the athletes’ training environment. You’ll be asked nicely once and then the second time you’ll be asked to not bring your child/children with you.

Take Care of The Equipment
When you’re cleaning up and unloading your barbell you should strip off plates so that the barbell doesn’t crash on the floor. Please use the brass brushes to remove any chalk from the bar. If you get sweat or bleed on the barbell or any equipment, please wipe it down. Don’t drag the wood boxes – the corners will disintegrate. Don’t drop empty barbells or barbells with just 10’s on them. Don’t drop or dump kettlebells or dumbbells. Put all equipment back after you’re finished. Keep personal gear off equipment.

Pay For Retail Before Consuming
Small business with small margins. Please be sure to check out using the self-service checkout system before consuming or taking retail items.

Be Safe
Don’t ghost ride the barbells. If you drop your barbell, follow it down and make sure it doesn’t bounce or roll into someone or something.

Chalk Usage
Chalk stays in the chalk bucket. Yes, you’ll have to walk all the way to the chalk bucket.

Know Your Why
Why are you training? Try and ask yourself and answer the Why. This will help guide you in your fitness journey and give your training sessions focus, clarity, and context.

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