InBody 270 Body Composition Analysis

Easy, Quick, and Precise.


Measure your fat, muscle, and water levels in less than a minute. No dunking. No pinching. No discomfort. Simply stand on the device and hold the hand electrodes to test.

Monitoring your weight is not enough

Weight can be misleading when used as an indicator of health. Anyone may experience frustration when their weight shows no change, even with exercise and improved nutrition. Your body is a complex structure made of different components; such as water, fat and muscle. Your body cannot be expressed with a simple number.

InBody Test will show a true assessment of your body

To thoroughly learn about your body and its condition, take the InBody Test. In less than 60 seconds, the InBody not only examines the compositions of your body, but also reveals its percentages of body fat, muscle distribution, and body water balance; components that are key in understanding more about your body

Track your progress with the Inbody Test

Taking the Inbody Test just once will give you a snapshot of your body in that moment of time. However, taking the InBody Test consistently will give you a timeline of your progress. Watch your improvements from exercise and diet and do not let your hard work go to waste.

InBody Technology

All you need is 15 seconds.

With InBody’s patented technology; safe, low-level currents are sent through the body through the hand and foot electrodes. The impedance the currents encounter is measured, and from there, your body composition is derived.

Trusted by sports teams, hospitals, and employers around the world.

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Do not exercise 6-12 hours before test
Do not eat 3-4 hours before test
Do not drink water 1 hour before test
Consume alcohol or caffeine 24 hours prior
Do not use lotion on hands or feet


Stand upright for about 5 mins before testing
Use the restroom
Hydrate well the day before
Remove all socks, metal objects, heavy clothing, pantyhose, shoes
Warm yourself up for 20 minutes if you are testing in cold weather
Take the test at the same time each time. For females: make sure it is at the same during each month and not during your menstrual cycle

Your 15 Minute Appointment Includes

Body Composition Test

Measure Weight, Skeletal Muscle Mass, Body Fat Mass, Body Fat Percentage, Segmental Lean Analysis (per limb), Basal Metabolic Rate, and more….

Analysis Sheet

All your data provided on one sheet for your records. Your analysis can be confidentially saved for future comparison


Our expert coaches will help you interpret your results, understand your analysis, and provide a free nutrition consultation. If you need some 1 on 1 help with nutrition, please visit our nutrition page for more information.