Reach your training and health goals with a coach who creates a customized program for you.

Whether your goals are to compete in sport or fitness, improve your health, keep up with your kids, or simply feel and look better the Individual Program Design at Motiv Athletics will help you get there.

Phase 1: Consultation

Each athlete will begin with a one-hour initial consultation. The trainer and client will review training history, nutrition and lifestyle factors, current strengths and weaknesses and short and long-term goals

Phase 2: Testing & Assessing

The second phase of the Individual Design process involves testing and assessing. This may vary from several days to multiple weeks, depending on the training age and the desired results. Some of the things being analyzed will include movement assessment, strength balance, food profiles, and work capacity – based on the results, a training plan will be formed.

Phase 3: Training

Once testing is complete, clients move into training. Your coach will send weekly programming by Sunday evening using the FitBot app and athletes will be required to submit their training results by on the day the workout is assigned.

Ongoing: Results

We require that clients submit their training results in a timely and accurate fashion. The more detailed the accounting, the more effective the program design.

Monthly: Communication

With their Individual Design membership, clients receive a 30-minute consultation every month. It is the client’s responsibility to schedule these in advance. The purpose of these regular consultations is to create a dialogue and build the relationship between Client and Coach. In addition to this, the client has unlimited access to the Coach via the FitBot. Such communication is highly encouraged: the Coach will always know where the client is mentally in his/her training, and the Coach can answer any questions the Client may have.


  • Motiv Athletics Members: $125/month *Not a member? Please contact us for pricing.
  • 9-month Commitment
  • Includes a set number of Individual Design (I.D.) room hours based on the workout plan, i.e. not open gym. I.D. room limited to 3 people at once.
  • Unlimited Communication
  • Unlimited Video Support
  • 30-minute consult per month – may be used as a personal training/skill session

****Depending on the individual’s goals, the program may require Lotta Nutrition membership****


Accessory Program

  • 8 Weeks – 5 workouts per week
  • Movement Assessment included
  • Workouts range from 15-20 minutes in length
  • Each workout comes with detailed instructions as well as videos describing the movements via the FitBot app
  • Programming may be done before or after your daily workout and shouldn’t interfere with your normal training
  • Workouts can be completed in a regular gym
  • Ongoing Coach support
  • Current programs available: Shoulders, Back, Knees, (Ankles coming soon)
  • $90 for 8 weeks and then if needed, $45/month thereafter – programming only
  • $120 for 8 weeks and then if needed, $60/month thereafter – includes 5/week, 30min Individual Design Room access – Check the schedule for room availability.

***The accessory programs aren’t designed to address highly specific individual needs and thus may require you to sign up for individual design to get a program to address those needs.