Voodoo flossin fools @ mobility class! #mwod #crossfit #crossfithud_v2

Mobility class will teach you how to be proficient with various mobility tools (i.e. voodoo floss, foam rollers, jump/stretch bands, lacrosse balls, etc.) to improve your body’s athletic potential, heal and prevent injuries, and recovery faster. Even if you’re flexible you can still get a lot out of mobility class. Did you know that you can improve your “front rack” position by placing a lacrosse ball in your scapula and applying a tack & floss technique? This “unglues” tissues and allows your shoulders to move more freely.

You can either come with certain areas of the body you’d like to work on or there are plenty of exercises that can be provided. Movements modeled after DPT’s such as Kelly Starett and Gray Cook.

Just show up and the music, tools, and beverages will be supplied.

Look for mobility class on the SCHEDULE