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What do you offer?

Currently, we offer two programs:

A.) lottaHabits: A Powerful Habit Curriculum

B.) lottaMacros: An Individualized Macro Program, or

C.) a combination of both.

We find those that have experience tracking their food already, do well on the macro program.

However, nearly 80% of the U.S. population has at least 1 nutrition deficiency. There is a good chance you have one of those deficiencies.

Based on our initial assessment we will determine which fit is best for you and go from there, BUT we highly recommend the PN Curriculum.

What is it?

A.) The world’s leading Nutrition Coaching education program, Precision Nutrition, has provided us the use of their curriculum. This program is a 9-month commitment, although the curriculum is a 52-week habit forming approach that offers the user daily lessons and activities with bi-weekly habits.

This allows the client to take the time to actually BUILD the skills needed to maintain a sustainable approach to their goals.¬†We work with the goals you want: build muscle, lose weight… etc, and provide all your nutrition needs surrounding powerful and attainable habits you create.

What’s superb about this program is that it not only allows us to educate you on nutrition but it gives you and allows you to put it into action under the watchful coach.

This program benefits users through excellent coaching and accountability while setting up the client for success through positive habit building.

B.) The Lotta Nutrition Macro Program is a highly individualized coached program for those wishing to dial in their nutrition for performance and weight goals. What if you could achieve both? Using weekly determined calories and macro counts for each individual, this program provides accountability and guidance for those clients to help achieve success.

This program will also provide the guidance you need to track macros with weekly macro changes, weekly nutrition posts and constant feedback and communication.

It’s 9-month upfront commitment which can and should be extended month to month thereafter. The program focuses on the following details:

  1. Making small gradual weekly changes in order to make long-term sustaining changes.
  2. Less restrictive in terms of food choices than other nutrition programs, i.e. Paleo, Akins, South Beach, etc
  3. A good program for individuals wanting to increase muscle and decrease body fat
  4. Achieving long-term goals rather than 21 or 30-day challenges.
  5. Holds you accountable with weekly weigh-ins, measurements, pictures and a coach.
  6. Uses Facebook as a system of support with everyone else on the program where we share recipes and answer questions quickly.

Why a 9-month commitment?

In our experience thus far, those willing to put in the work don’t care about the time commitment. They are determined for the best results that they can achieve.

We only want those committed to putting in the effort. To see those results it will very likely take 6-months. To make major changes properly, in terms of body composition, takes time.

It isn’t likely that gaining 15 or 30 pounds resulted in a month, so why would a 30-day diet challenge fix it?

Another reason¬†is there is a big learning curve. It takes time for both programs to get rolling, especially if you’ve never done anything like either of this.

Program Details:

A.) PN’s ProCoach Curriculum

9-month commitment

      • 24/7 Coach Support
      • Monthly InBody Scans
      • Daily Lessons
      • Bi-weekly habits
      • Food log reviews
      • Individualized Goal Setting
      • Working computer/phone/internet
      • 10% Off Supplements

B.) Macro Program

9-month commitment

      • 24/7 Coach Support
      • Monthly InBody Scans
      • Weekly check-ins by you – this is a MUST (more details on this upon registration)
      • Weekly Macro adjustments
      • Food log reviews
      • Individualized Goal Setting
      • Individualized Programming
      • Working computer/phone/internet
      • 10% Off Supplements


      • Weigh-ins and pictures (in bathing suit or spandex and sports bra) *REQUIRED
      • Willingness to cook most meals
      • Open-minded, good work ethic and hustle to succeed
      • Patience
      • Weigh food and track macros (if on program B.)

Interested? Schedule a 1 on 1 with a lottanutrition coach to learn more.

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