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Hash Tag Position Ambition


We warm up. We mobilize. We stretch. We smash.

Maybe not in that order but we put in the effort to achieve better positioning overall and at the gym we constantly strive to attain better position to safely/properly execute our lifts, but I’m here to tell you that you need to do more.

A general rule of thumb is to spend 10 to 15 minutes a day mobilizing to help, over time, create permanent change. There is a good chance we aren’t actually doing this… Let’s face it when I’m tired and sore the last thing I want to do is mobilize. (That’s a whole other blog but let’s start the habit.)

We also spend an hour at the gym moving, which is fantastic. But, how much time is spent attaining better position outside of the gym and outside of that 10 minute mobility session? We sleep 7 to 8 hours(hopefully) a night, we drive to and from work, and we may sit at work for long periods of time. If any of that time is spent in a broken position you may be hurting in the gym.

I challenge you guys to attain better position outside of the gym. When driving to work roll your shoulders back into external rotation and engage the scaps. Every 45 minutes stand or walk at work for 5. If you must sit… sit at the very edge of your chair with your feet flat on the ground and maintain a neutral spine. Maybe look into getting a standing desk. How many people do the couch stretch at home? What can you be doing to get into better position?

Here is a link to an article on Mark’s Daily Apple that has 15 tips on standing at work.

Here is a link to Kelly Starrett’s video on sleeping in a good position.

It’s up to you guys to make the difference between good positioning and bad positioning outside of the gym. If you pick up a good habit put it on facebook and let’s see it.

If you are having specific problem areas email either myself or Hanley for a list of rehab oriented exercises you can do.

Good luck!




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