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As some of you may have recently noticed, there have been several articles, news broadcasts, blog posts about CrossFit being harmful to your health. We, at CrossFit Hud, want to assure you that you are in good hands. We are committed to providing safe and appropriate modification recommendations for each fitness level. Your coaching staff went to a Functional Movement Screen Certification course this past weekend in an effort to deliver a more quality CrossFit program for each individual athlete. We feel confident that this method of testing will help to implement a fitness program that is safe yet effective, and still fun for our members.

We stand behind the CrossFit name proudly, and this certification course did not change our overall outlook on CrossFit as a fitness regimen. Although, it did give us some insight on the fact that some movements involved with CrossFit are meant for certain fitness levels, and others are not. With the FMS testing, we will be able to gauge whether an athlete is ready to safely dive into all that CrossFit has to offer. At the same time, a poor score on the FMS will give us information that can predict when specific movements are not safe and could potentially cause injury under a load. We will be able to suggest and guide you in the right direction as to whether a body-weight fitness program or performance oriented program is best for you. You are all adults and can choose for yourself which program is right for you, but we feel it is our duty as trainers to make you aware of your instabilities, movement pattern inefficiencies, and risk for injury with certain movements, if there are any.

So the next time your friend who goes to LA Fitness (and can’t lose those 20 lbs they’ve been talking about for 2 years) and who glides on the elliptical for an hour tells you CrossFit isn’t safe, let them know this; all CrossFit gyms are not created equal. Every CrossFit gym has the freedom to run their business as they see fit. Some of you have experienced this from visiting other gyms around the Zionsville / Carmel/ Indianapolis area before landing at CrossFit Hud. Unfortunately, this is the risk CrossFit takes when the only requirements to open up a CrossFit gym is to have insurance and a Level-1 CrossFit Trainer under the affiliate name (takes 1 weekend to get this certification). Tell your friend your coaches at CrossFit Hud have Exercise Physiology degrees and are former Division 1 Collegiate athletes that can speak from experience in the weight room when encouraging members to error on the light side. Tell them modifications are provided for people who can’t jump rope, run, do pull-ups, etc. because of a previous injury. At CrossFit Hud, we pride ourselves in the fact we keep classes organized from start to finish in an effort to provide exceptional coaching and a fun experience while sweating! So, the next time you read all those CrossFit bashing articles, you can feel confident knowing the author must have gone to a subpar gym.