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If you normally do the Fitness Strength, but want to practice snatching technique look below for your modification. If you have any shoulder pain or an impingement, we advise you to stick with the Fitness Strength of the Day.

Watch this video for Drop Snatch, Snatch Balance, and Heaving Snatch Balance Technique, and Hi-Hang Snatch- Position 1.

Workout of the Day
Fitness Strength:
Superset the Following:
3×10 Supermans
3×5 core stability
3×15 hollow rocks
3×10 Glute Ham Raise

Fitness WOD:
12 min AMRAP of:
8 burpee box jumps
10 Kb Swings


Performance Strength:
10 min EMOM of:
2 Drop Snatches (Fitness can drop to Power position)
10 min EMOM of:
2 Hi-Hang Snatches (Fitness can go to power position)

Performance WOD:
12 min AMRAP of:
2 Power Snatches 135/95
2 OHS 135/95
1 Snatch Balance