Tammy’s Shoulder Impingement Comeback

hanley —  December 22, 2016 — Leave a comment

Back in the beginning of 2016, I started suffering from extreme shoulder pain. Lifting weights overhead, pushups, burpees, pull-ups and playing tennis were becoming almost impossible for me to do without experiencing severe shoulder pain in my right shoulder. Even driving for long periods of time led my shoulder to throb and ache for most of the day. I went to a sports doctor to have it checked out. He determined it was a shoulder impingement issue and recommended physical therapy. I spoke to Hanley about my diagnosis, and he offered to put together a shoulder rehab program that I could do on my own using some of the equipment at the gym. I was on board from the beginning as I was desperate to get back to being able to work-out, pain-free. He wrote out daily exercises for me to do to start strengthening my shoulder and other areas that were weak and causing me to have the impingement. For the next 2 months, I stopped doing any movements that required any lifting overhead and even stopped playing tennis. I modified the workouts/lifting and was diligent about doing the rehab exercises after class. The exercises averaged 10-15 minutes and were easy to follow. After 4 weeks I began to notice improvement and continued with my programming. As 8 weeks went by, the pain had significantly subsided and I was able to start light lifting overhead and even got back to playing tennis. At the 12-week mark, I was back to playing tennis 2-3 times a week and doing overhead lifts pain-free. And in the past month, I was even able to do push-ups and burpees without any pain. I will continue to do some of the strength exercises that he gave me so that I can ensure that my shoulder pain will not return. I’m so thankful to have an extremely dedicated and knowledgeable coach/gym owner who is truly interested in keeping his members healthy and injury free.

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