Tara’s MOTIV Story

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At my heaviest I weighed 268 lbs, and at that point in my life, my medical history was longer than the resume of a seasoned CEO approaching retirement. Multiple tumors and cysts, cancer, borderline pre-diabetic diagnosis, cholesterol levels were high, and severe allergies kept me indoors in summer months. I was depressed and felt awful every single day. I had to make a change.

I knew I was prone to growths in my body so I started looking at how to reduce tumors with diet. A common factor I read in tumor growth was glucose. Sugar – a main staple in my diet up until this point. Upon further research, I found the Whole 30 diet and started August 1st, 2015. At the end of the 31 daysI  had lost 15 pounds. Unfortunately, the holidays got the best of me and I slipped back into my old eating habits, gaining that 15 back.

April of 2016, I was halfway through my second round of Whole 30 for the year when I came across a low carb high-fat diet. I stuck with that for 3 months before transitioning to a ketogenic diet, which is a little more strict on quality of ingredients. I can say, without a doubt, this way of eating has changed my life drastically. My allergies disappeared and I was able to get outside more. I fell in love with hiking and being active. Then something happened. I wanted more.

Enter MOTIV.

After listening to a couple of work friends talk about CrossFit, EVERYDAY (like we do), I started working on my husband, Eric. CrossFit sounded fun and something inside me said this is what we needed in our life. I was relentless like wives are, and finally, after a month of listening to me talk about it, he finally agreed to try it. Our first class was bring-a- friend day January 2017. I remember Hanley telling us you don’t have to go full out just go through the movements to get a feel for it. Eric and I laugh about it now but we don’t have a “go easy” mode. We went full out and were so sore for the next two days. We were hooked.

I can see the pieces of my life coming together and our gym is a huge part of that. I have made several new friends, been on an AMAZING trip (shout out to the Patagonia group), and overall been in a much better place mentally and physically. I can see doors opening up for myself that I never considered, or thought I could walk through. My only hope is that I can inspire someone else to make a change in their own life, that leads to the happiness and fulfillment that I have had in the last year.

Thank you to the coaches and everyone at the gym. I am truly grateful to be apart of such an amazing community.

From a size 22 to a 10
Down 90 lbs and loving life.

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