Winter Holiday Survival Guide #teamlotta

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Winter is coming. Ok, actually, it’s already here.

I need some advice. I’m on my way over to my Aunt Susie’s for the holiday family dinner AND they all think I’m a hardcore dieter. What do I do?

Based on my last post, “Why ‘cheat’ meals don’t exist” which you can find here, you can probably guess what my survival guide is going to consist of. That’s right, I’m going to give you some solid advice. Enjoy the holidays. That’s what they are FOR!

Here is Your Winter Survival Guide

Spend time with your friends and/or family. This is the time to do it.

I am a Nutrition Coach and I’m telling you, I will be enjoying Christmas desserts and definitely some cocktails this season.

Here’s why.

Even though you may have fitness/nutrition goals, food can have a lot more meaning than being just, “fuel” for your workouts or daily activities. Our partners at PN describe how some people carry their own ideas about what food means for them. It could be:

  • fuel
  • reward
  • punishment
  • escape
  • shame
  • freedom

For us at Lotta Nutrition & our partners, PN, food is information.

“Food is a story that shapes your daily life, your health, and your function.”

This presents the idea that you have a choice. Choices are decisions made by you. Those decisions help express what’s important for you, show the pros and cons of each choice, and even have consequences.

So, with the Holidays being here, what is it that’s important to you this weekend?

Could it be…

  • making memories with family and friends?
  • relieving stress from normal day-to-day grind?
  • meeting a significant other’s parents for the first time?
  • feeling good about yourself?
  • seeing old friends and relatives?

These can be seen as taking priority over our nutrition goals for the moment. The goal here is to not feel anxious, stressed, guilty or feel like you are cheating here.

Here are some tips for anyone that doesn’t want to completely steer clear of their nutrition goals…

  • Go in with a positive attitude. 
  • Don’t arrive completely starved
  • Work on some non-confrontational comebacks to anyone that may put you down for being health conscious.
  • Go in with a plan.

Here is a taste of some perks you get on the Lotta Nutrition Program

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